Dear friends,

Official Ebay store is suspended until further notice as I have no time to handle it. The items will be available soon from partners or can be ordered directly per email. In any case 60 days free items return is accepted. 

Dear friends,


New separation kits SKT-706 and SKT-7000 are available for order, finally. So far they offered as fully assembled and tested versions to identify possible issues, but later they will be available as DIY kits.

So now I would like to introduce new separation kits in details. First of all, unlike of previous generation of separation kits, they are designed as simple as possible so everybody can solder them. The second thing is that these kits combine connectors and mounting bracket on a single PCB and this PCB can be mounted using standard 1/4 inch thread (same as original MB-63 and MB-105 brackets) or using 2 legs for desktop environment. Icom mb-63 and mb-105 mounting brackets are not necessary anymore but still can be used.


Hi all,


finally I have got time to update this project and move it to a one level up. Work in progress but I expect new separation kits will be available for order in few weeks. New kits are much more easy to assembly and will be offered as DIY kits. Assembled and tested kits could be also offered on request. New kits can be used without mounting brackets (mb-63 and mb-105) for mobile mounting and also have standoffs for desktop placement.