Dear friends,


New separation kits SKT-706 and SKT-7000 are available for order, finally. So far they offered as fully assembled and tested versions to identify possible issues, but later they will be available as DIY kits.

So now I would like to introduce new separation kits in details. First of all, unlike of previous generation of separation kits, they are designed as simple as possible so everybody can solder them. The second thing is that these kits combine connectors and mounting bracket on a single PCB and this PCB can be mounted using standard 1/4 inch thread (same as original MB-63 and MB-105 brackets) or using 2 legs for desktop environment. Icom mb-63 and mb-105 mounting brackets are not necessary anymore but still can be used.


SKT-706 is fully compatible with previous kit generation. It still uses RJ45 patch cable and has the same pinout. I reccomend flat shielded CAT.6A cables for better signal/noice performance as on a picture below.

The kit contains:

- Base unit adapter with M3 thumb screw;

- Display PCB;

- Adapter PCB with 1/4 inch nut for mobile mounting;

- 2x legs for desktop placement.



The display unit is fixed with 4x standoffs on a display PCB plugged in to slots on a display unit. This provides quite strong mechanical and electrical connection. No modifications of the display unit are reqired. 





An optional external speaker can be mounted on a bottom side. It doesn't provide same quality as internal speaker in the base unit but in some cases it is better than nothing.


Mobile mounting can be done using adapter PCB and 1/4 inch nut:



The standard ICOM MB-63 can also be used for mobile mounting:




Meanwhile, SKT-7000 kit differs from the predecessor. Instead of HDMI two cables are used:

- RJ45 patch cable;

- RCA video cable.

The kit contains:

- Base unit adapter with M3 thumb screw;

- Display PCB;

- 1/4 inch nut for mobile mounting;

- 2x legs for desktop placement.

The reason of such significant changes is that with HDMI it was difficult to find  a working cable. There was only one 3 meters micro HDMI cable that I succedded to find. Extension cables which could be used to inrease the cable length also worked unpredictably. So finally I gave up and switched to 2 cables solution. Anyway, I found that IC-7000 is quite sensitive to cables as the video signal is formed by the base unit and sent to display unit. Even with RCA cable which is used for video signal it is quite important to follow these rules:

- use same length for video (RCA) and control (RJ-45) cables;

- for RJ-45 I reccomend to use shielded flat CAT.6A cables as on a picture;

- video quality depends on both cables, for length more than 5 meters probably it would be required to find cables which provide better picture quality.




Here is an example of noicy picture with 15 meters RCA and 15 meters unshielded RJ45 CAT.6 cable:


Below an example with same 15 meters RCA and 3 meters shielded RJ45 CAT.6A cable. This means that video quality depends also on a control RJ45 cable.


Optionally same speaker as for SKT-706 can be mounted on the opposite side:



As for SKT-706, it is possible to use 1/4 inch nut or MB-105 bracket for mobile mounting: